Health idioms with positive and negative meanings

Health idioms with negative meaning


Значение: tired and not healthy, especially because of working too much



Значение: slightly ill


Under the weather

Значение: if someone is or feels under the weather, they feel ill


Drop like flies

Значение: if people are dropping like flies, they are dying or falling down in large numbers


In bad shape

Значение: be in bad physical condition


Health idioms with positive meaning

Alive and well

Значение: still full of energy and activity


Be full of beans

Значение: to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm


Hale and hearty

Значение: (especially of old people) healthy and strong


Be back on your feet

Значение: to be healthy again after a period of illness


Safe and sound

Значение: completely safe and without injury or damage:


Call in sick

Значение: If you call in sick, you telephone to say that you are unable to work because of illness


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